New Microsoft SMS App Streamlines Your Message Inbox

New Microsoft SMS app cleans up your SMS inbox.


A brand new Microsoft SMS app has been released under the Microsoft Garage Project to help speed up your SMS usage. The application is designed to clean up your SMS inbox, streamline your messages and make it easier to go from thread to thread.

The default SMS app on most smartphones does not have any spam filters or systems in place to organize your SMS messages. As a result, your SMS app will often be quickly filled with confirmation codes, spam texts, and marketing messages.

SMS marketing has quickly become a useful tool for businesses, but as a consumer, it means you’re given an inbox filled with useless messages that quickly get in the way of more important personal messages between friends and family. Unlike with email marketing, which sends messages to a platform that has a number of spam filters and organization tools built into it, SMS marketing is open game for a cluttered, spam-filled inbox.

This is where SMS Organizer comes in. It’s a free application that helps to put a spotlight on the important messages and can be used to filter out spam. The organizer app is built with an underlying machine learning model that can be used to automatically organize your SMS messages into categories such as personal, transactional, and promotional.

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You’ll also have access to a quickfire ‘unread messages’ button – tap it and you’ll only be shown the messages that you haven’t yet read. This can be a useful tool to catch up with any messages you may have missed out on.

The machine learning algorithm can also grab data from your SMS messages and then use that data to provide smart reminders on upcoming dates. For example, any tracking orders for post will be available through smart reminders. Alternatively, the app can remind you of upcoming travel details that may have been shared to you via text. There are some tools in place to help users create custom reminders, too.

If you’re in India, you’ll also get access to free text messages to and from other Indian numbers. Other countries don’t get access to this feature, but they do get access to a backup and restore feature that can streamline moving your messages and contacts from one device to another.

Perhaps most importantly, the SMS organizer remains useful as an offline app – nearly all functionality is available without internet access – a smart move by Microsoft considering the app is focused on SMS messaging.




With all of the data grabbing that goes on with the machine learning algorithms in Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app, some Android owners may be concerned about the potential for Microsoft to use that data for SMS tracking.

It’s possible that Microsoft could be taking your SMS data to help them to build a more accurate version of their machine learning algorithm. It’s also possible that they could be grabbing your text data for marketing related purposes. Unfortunately, we don’t have any confirmation from Microsoft on any of this.

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If you’re concerned about whether Microsoft could be tracking your SMS messages but you’d like to make the most out of the SMS Organizer application, you could always turn off the permissions the app needs to access the internet. This way, you’ll be able to make the most out of the app, but it won’t be able to communicate back to Microsoft’s servers. In this case, you won’t be able to use the backup/restore feature.

You can download the SMS Organizer app here.

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