Skype Lite Has Support For SMS Messages

New Skype Lite App Adds SMS Message Support


Microsoft has released a brand new app called Skype Lite that focuses on text-based communication as opposed to video and voice calling. The new app allows quick messaging between users, but it also introduces support for sending and receiving SMS messages through the app.

The concept behind Skype Lite is to offer smartphone owners the opportunity to run a light-weight, data-conscious app that can help users to stay in touch with their friends and family.

With Skype Lite, the standout feature is certainly the support for SMS messaging via the application, though. Not only does it make it easier to send and receive text messages, but it also streamlines the SMS message inbox to make it easier to navigate and far easier to find the messages that are more important to the user.

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When you think about the types of messages that get sent to you via SMS, you’ll often find all of your messages bundled together. This includes messages from close friends and family, confirmation texts for different products, services, or deliveries, authentication messages, and many other types of texts.

With Skype Lite, everything is automatically assigned to different categories. This will keep your personal text messages up in the front, and will quietly push confirmation codes and similar messages to separate folders. You can also move messages between folders or setup entirely new folders for further organization.

It offers a similar experience to what you’d find on a modern day email client. For example, Google’s Gmail app has been keeping their inbox split into promotions, social emails, and personal inbox messages for quite some time now.

To make sure you make the most out of the new SMS support in the Skype Lite app, you’ll need to first download Skype Lite onto your device and then select Skype Lite to be your default messaging app from within the settings menu of your smartphone.

Skype will also grab the information from any texts related to tracking orders and bank account balances and share the information back to you in a UI-focused tab called Skype Insights.

Once setup, you essentially won’t have to look at your messages whatsoever. Instead, you’ll be able to keep track of bank activity and progress on any tracked orders you’ve made via Skype Insights.

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There is some concern regarding how Microsoft will deal with the data that passes through Skype Lite when using it as your main SMS application.

Microsoft has certainly pushed their efforts towards collecting user data in recent years. Whether it’s to provide targeting advertisements or to collect user data to improve their own services, Microsoft is certainly tracking a lot more information than they used to.

With that being said, the Skype Lite app won’t necessarily route your SMS messages through Microsoft’s servers – they are sent locally through the client-side of the app. We doubt that Microsoft is using SMS tracking methods to track user data.

The same can’t be said about the messages sent through Skype Lite’s IM features, however.

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