Are There SMS Tracking Apps In The Google Play Store?

Here's a Look At The SMS Tracking Apps in the Play Store


With SMS tracking apps, you can track the messages sent from one device. SMS tracking apps can also track all ingoing messages and can often be used to track activity in other apps and online messaging services. In this article, we take a look at the different SMS tracking apps in the Google Play Store.

Kids Phone Tracker

Currently, the top SMS tracking app in the Google Play Store is Kids Phone Tracker. This app is designed to help parents track what their children are doing on their smartphone. The app description mentions that the app can  track the contact list, GPS location, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, and Viber messages.

Unfortunately, many of the reviews mention that the app doesn’t actually provide this functionality and may be using your device to earn money through ad revenue.

SMS Interceptor

The next top app in the Google Play Store for SMS tracking is the SMS Interceptor app. This app claims that it can intercept messages remotely. The app claims that all you need to do is enter a phone number to set it up and it’ll start to intercept messages sent to and from that number.

Once again, the supposed functionality of this app doesn’t work. Instead, it’s a dud app that may be using different permissions to grab your data to sell to third party services.

Why Aren’t There SMS Tracking Apps In The Google Play Store?

As you may have noticed so far, the top SMS tracking apps in the Google Play Store don’t actually provide any true functionality. This is because Google does not let such apps enter the Google Play Store, and the remaining fakes are apps that haven’t yet been removed by Google.

sms tracking apps 2

If you’re looking for an SMS tracking app, you’ll need to download an app from a third party service. There are some benefits to doing this – Google’s terms and conditions do not apply for these apps, so there’s a guarantee that the tracking app will work. There are often different packages available for these tracking apps too. In most cases, however, you must pay a small monthly fee to make the most out of these services.

These types of SMS tracking apps can be used to track ingoing and outgoing SMS messages and messages on apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. These same apps can also track Snapchat messages and pictures, and can even track GPS location so that you an keep an eye on where the tracked person is.

These third party tracking apps can also block different apps and websites, making them great parental control tools. They’re also useful for tracking key presses, so if the person you’re tracking finds an app that can’t be tracked, you can still see what messages they’re typing.

In the more expensive monthly packages, you’ll often also get support from the developers so that you can get setup easier. If you ever come across any problems with using the app, you can also ask the developers for assistance and they should be able to help you to find a solution.

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