Is SMS Tracking Legal?

SMS Tracking Legal Details


When considering whether to use an SMS tracking app, many people will ask the question – is SMS tracking legal? In this guide, we take a look at the legalities behind using an SMS tracking application to track another person’s messages.

The Legal Details

It should be made clear that SMS tracking is legal, but only in the right circumstances. If you use an SMS tracking app to track somebody’s messages without their permission, you are breaching their privacy, and this is certainly not legal.


However, if you get somebody’s permission or make it explicitly clear that the device they’re using is equipped with a tracking app, it’s completely legal to track their messages and their whereabouts.

You may be wondering what kind of usage scenarios there may be for such an app that requires you to get permission to use on another person’s tracked device before you can use it. If you run a business, installing an SMS tracking app on your employee smartphones will make monitoring your employees far easier.

Not only can you keep track of what calls and messages are being sent to and from employees and customers, but you can also see other activity from your employees during work time. For example, most SMS tracking apps use a location tracking feature that can keep track of a tracked device’s location via GPS.

Alternatively, you may be a concerned parent that would like to keep an eye on your child’s online behavior. Keeping an eye on them is very easy with an SMS tracking app, but it’s important that you get their permission first. Any legal repercussions will still apply to your own child.

There are SMS tracking apps out there that can be used to track more than just SMS and calls. Many apps can actually keep track of your child’s online behavior. You can often set up a tracking app to monitor what apps they visit and keep an eye on their social media activity.

Many social media platforms now have built in privacy tools that let a user customize who sees their content, so simply visiting their social media account from your own computer won’t necessarily show everything that person has posted.

Is SMS Tracking Legal? – The Summary

In summary, SMS tracking is legal so long as you get permission from the person you will be tracking first. They need to be made aware of the activity that will be tracked and there should be transparency between you and the person you’re tracking.


Whilst it’s legal if you get permission, you should still consider the other person and be respectful of their privacy. Keeping an eye on incoming SMS messages between an employee and a customer, or checking their location whilst on a job off-site is completely fine, but there’s no need to go into their personal details or messages at any time.

If you’re looking for a legal SMS tracking app, we’d suggest that you take a look at SpyStealth. This SMS tracking app can help you to track messages on Android and iPhone devices. SpyStealth can also monitor activity on other IM apps and on social media, and SpyStealth can also be used to monitor location data.

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